Pita&Pasta  WELCOMES YOU!!

Pita&Pasta is a brand new concept that combines Greek freshly cooked delicacies and premium Greek delicatessen market under one roof.

You can take a break and taste our freshly cooked meals or you can take these products home and cook it yourself.

A trip to Greece, this welcoming and warm country with its beautiful places and exotic beaches, is our inspiration to come closer to you and to share this. We followed the Greek lifestyle and realized the great importance of nutrition as a special part of their culture. 

We “visited” the Mediterranean cuisine of Greece and walked on paths of flavors and tastes. We let ourselves in with the dance of perfumes and were led by the enchanting scenery. There where the tradition meets modern life and both fully harmonized coexists, combined with high quality and an unforgettable taste, we found the best results.

The Pita & Pasta Company has collected all these small treasures and invites you to discover them with us!

Join us on this 'journey'!


Traditional Greek cuisine… a total concept, based on the pure products from Mother Earth, which create a balanced nutritional model that can ensure a better quality of life and physical health.

From GREECE... 

Products with unique quality and unsurpassable nutritional value, such as the olive and extra virgin oil, dairy products, honey, fish, juices, water, nuts, wines, mastic from Chios, crocus from Kozani and many more. These got blended together and have created a noble cuisine rich in nutritional ingredients, which can satisfy the high gustatory and nutritional needs of modern man.

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