Franchise Connect is a consultancy firm specializing in franchising, founded in 2010. In addition to giving advice to franchisors and prospective franchisees Franchise Connect also advise purchasing groups, voluntary subsidiary companies, joint ventures and more. Franchise Consultants Franchise Connect advise, assist and mediate in the start-up, development, deployment and management of formula franchises and other commercial ventures, such as cooperatives, purchasing or licensing schemes.
The services of Franchise Connect includes:

  1. The development of franchises;
  2. The professionalization of franchises;
  3. Providing interim professionals franchise or franchise mediators;
  4. Providing recruitment formulas for seeking franchisees;
  5. Guiding employees and freelancers who want to become franchisees;
  6. Advising franchise on franchise marketing.

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Franchise Connect
Beemdstraat 18
Tel: 040-2556261

+31 (0)20-3374220 | Bijlmerplein 204a 1102DD Amsterdam |
Opening Hours → Monday-Saturday: 10.00-21.30 , Sunday: 12.00-21.30
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