It all started in August 2014, when a visiting friend from England told us she could not find a Pita in London and was thinking about this import.
She said: "Gyros pita. We don’t have this in England"!
Lena Kyropoulos kept repeating the word Pita but in her mind was her grandmother's home made pie. The word Pita in Greek is also a Pie.
Suddenly, Elisabeth Werter used the word Pasta! She had vision of a homemade Greek Pasta. 
Spontaniously, we looked at each other and spoke in one voice saying Pita Pasta!
Yes, let's do it!
The next day began the incredible journey of pita pasta. Later we  met Klimis Lazidis who completed the missing piece of the puzzle and he joined our team. Together we have tasted many PITA’S  from every corner of  the North of Greece..We have met magnificent people and family enterprises. We have travelled from Greece all the way to Amsterdam where we opened our first shop.
Our mission is to facilitate everybody to eat these gourmet  delicacies of the Greek land.
This is how dreams become ''reality."

The mission 

Pita and Pasta is the newest idea on Greek quality deli takeaway in Europe. The chain is positioned somewhere between traditional takeaway locations and delicatessen shops. This segment of the market is attuned to the health benefits of customers which are more conscious of their buying habits and looking for a new food experience than the general population.We're establishing a new trend on Greek food which combines the traditional healthy products with innovating new packaging and new food ideas. Our goal is to promote this new experience and to be the new choice for our clients.


Our Vision

Our mission is to bring to market the tastiest deli takeaway of traditional Greek Food at a slight cost premium price and to present the product range in an innovative way. Our high standards of quality and cleanliness will precede our reputation. Our main goal is to be the delightful New Greek experience expressed through our shop, the delicatessen products and the website. Our purpose is to promote Greek family enterprises who have excellent premium products to an international public. Through our website and shops, they have the possibility to come in direct contact with a new customer base that deserves to know them.In this way we create an impact on the Greek economy by establishing new jobs in Greece as well as in the home countries.

Our Team!!!

Elisabeth Maria Werter

General Manager/CEO

Lena Kyropoulos

Purchasing Manager

Klimis Lazidis

Quality control Manager

Erik Mihalakis

Sales Manager

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