Our Supporters...

Our Supporters...
The Pita & Pasta team has developed a network of partners consisting of local Greek companies and local producers, whose products are distinguished for their quality. Through this collaboration, we support the efforts of local notable professionals and strengthen the local economy. Our deep acquaintance with these people guarantees that they are warm, honest, and hardworking with love and professionalism ... and we thank them for that!
Through our friendship the best collaborations were born.

Katrin Tsinalis

If Katrin hadn't said the word pita that hot greek night in august 2014, we would not have started our  pita&pasta journey. Katrin, became our inspiration. Thank you Katrin.

Our associate of the prefecture of Serres is Ms. Niki Dantsi - Buri, a person who is passionate about tradition and Greek flavors. Thanks to her, we became familiar with another aspect of the beautiful town of Serres, the city of Pentapolis, the Neratzis estate, the excellent Darnakon flavors, the Evodia company with their exceptional herbs, and the Agrimon enterprise with their innovative packaging. Niki also introduces us the  the amazing Barat company with their delicious cookies. And last but not least we cannot forget the great Greek spirulina company from Negrita.

Niki Dantsi-Mpouri

Ioanna Georgiadou

Ioanna Georgiadou, our partner in risk management is a person with a restless spirit, who introduced us to exceptional crafts and industries in the Kavala Prefecture.

Gregory Veriotis is responsible for the perfecture of 'the world', but especifically for the prefecture of Pieria, from whom we met, the Pieriki Zymi company.



Grigoris o Podilatis tou kosmou

Giorgos Katsaitis

With the valuable contribution of George Katsaitis we met Pieriki Zymi and the two lovely people, Mary and Litsa

Tanya Kyriakides, a mentor in marketing science, and in well-established ties with people of industries- who are key people in the Greek commercial scene.


Tania Kiriakidou

Ioanna Mamali-Panagiotou

Ioanna Panayiotou Mamali, our ally in Germany – through her magazine ‘Drachme’ (Drachma of the Greek Diaspora), we gain valuable knowledge and important partnerships. We are introduced and connected to Greek companies abroad, like Bio glanz, a sensitive company with an ecological mindset and a new way of sorting out cleaning issues with cleaning materials and methods that are friendly to the environment and human being.

Our associates of the prefecture of Pellas are Ms. Anastasia & Anna Mavridou, though whom we met our beloved company agrozymi. Thanks to its rich tradition, the city of Giannitsa is a synonym for quality, pure ingredients, traditional Greek pies, beautiful people,  and exceptional colleagues. Without their invaluable help nothing would be easy for us!

Anastasia-Anna Mavridou

Petros Mimilidis

Mimilidis Peter: Incredible sleepless nights via skype, and tips that brought us to the wonderful cooperation’s from the Kozani prefecture like the one with Mr. Pitenis.

Our associate for the prefecture of Thessaloniki is the exceptional Antonis Moysiadis, the innovative food technologist of our team, who brought us closer to Nature Blessed.In this way we were able to see the a special side of a company, which contemplates with a humane approach...  Braille inscriptions on our favorite olive oil 79!

Antonis Moisiadis

Stefanos Vravosinos

Our associate for the Grevena prefecture is Stefanos Vravosinos , a kind and polite accountant, a person who everybody  likes. He brought us into contact with Rosemary smoked olives of Mr. Mitrou.Stefanos and he also introduced us to  Ela gold.

Atlas: Ηe was our Mascot throughout our travels... . He taught us the meaning of its name the Atlanta-love, a love of a giant size!


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