A Greek company, Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A. (VIKOS S.A.) was founded in 1990 and is one of the most renowned and reputable companies in the bottled water market. Vikos S.A. started business in 1992 by bottling natural mineral water from a homonymous source and distributing it to the Greek and foreign markets, whilst maintaining its position of main supplier to the largest supermarket chains.

Vikos natural mineral water, from the homonymous source, is bottled at source, using the latest machinery and without any human intervention or other processing throughout the procedure, from its pumping until its distribution.

VIKOS S.A. operates two modern factories for bottling water and soft drinks in an area of 176 acres in the district of Zagorochoria which is protected by Π.Δ 26-9-1979. On its own premises, a total surface of 51.200 square metres, the company employs a staff of 300 and operates 9 production lines using the latest technology with a delivery rate of 210.000 litres per hour. The production lines are used to bottle water and soft drinks from the 3 certified sources of natural water. 

“VIKOS” and “ZAGOROCHORIA” sources are certified as Natural Mineral Water sources (Identification No. Y2/oik. 478/12.02.96 and DYG2GP113256/17.10.06 respectively). Directly from these sources and without undergoing any process the homonymous 

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