Kouros natural cosmetics

The history of our company has started 50 years ago, in northern Greece, in the small town of Orestiada by Mr.George Kouros . Gradually, it was evolved in the current company of Kourou K. & Co. E.E., which is active in the field of natural cosmetics. More specifically in the sectors of research, design, development, production and distribution of pure cosmetics based on olive oil, honey extract, essential oils, herbal ingredients and herbal extracts.


Kourou K. & Co. E.E. possess two natural cosmetic lines the “OLIVE AND HONEY” and the “OLIVE OIL LUXURY”

Both of them are based on:

    1. Organic essential oils – with proven effective medicinal properties and balanced proportions of natural ingredients.
    2. Harmony between natural ingredients and science – knowledge taken from thenaturopathy and ancient philosophy of cosmetic production combined with modern scientific technologies.
    3. Bio active ingredients – essential and vegetable oils from certified producers
    4. Vegetable oils and active ingredients certified by ECOCERT like

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