Domaine Nernatzi

In 1988 we have created the first wine of our family, carrying on the tradition of our parents and grandparents. Up until 1998 when we established a professional presence, the wine is made in order to serve the needs of our family. 

In 1998 we have set up our first winery by making use of 1,3 hectares of vineyards that we owned in the area of Eptamili in Serres. Our winery is the first to put the wine in bottles in the region of Serres, near river Strymonas in Greece.

During the same period we have managed to save, file and get official recognition for the two important indigenous grape varieties in the area, Asprouda Serron and Koniaros. With our own initiative, we managed to get official recognition for the indication ‘Appellation of Origin’ for the Region of Serres. In this way we become the winery that represents a land with great history as a wine region, the land of the river Strymon which is surrounded by five mountains before reaching to the sea.

In 2003, we turn on a new page in the history of our winery, when Evanthia Mitropoulou decides to become a winemaker and the family decides to upgrade the existing winery significantly.

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Opening Hours → Monday-Saturday: 10.00-21.30 , Sunday: 12.00-21.30
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